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The christian fasting

What is Fasting?

Fasting is a spiritual discipline taught to us from the Bible. Jesus assumes his followers will fast. Which is why He doesn’t say “if,” but “when you fast” (Matthew 6:16). And he doesn’t say his followers might fast, but “they will” (Matthew 9:15).

Fasting means to voluntarily reduce or avoid food for a specific time and purpose and utilize that time to pray and spend time in God’s presence.

Why do we need to fast?

Fasting gives you more time for prayer. Both goes well hand-in hand. Fasting and praying is a sign of our desire and hunger to seek God. When we seek God, we place less importance to the world. When we fast, we develop a passion for God that supercedes everything else.

What are the purposes of fasting?

A.TO Seek God’s Direction

Moses fasted with the Lord for forty days, leaning on God for direction, wisdom, and guidance in writing the Ten Commandments.

This is known as one of the “miraculous” fasts in the Bible where Moses went 40 days without eating or drinking.

God not only sustained Moses during his fast, but also gave him wisdom and direction.

Fasting will give your the wisdom, direction and the vision to move forward in life.

B.Fasting For Humility

Here, fasting was a means to humility.

They fasted humbly, prayed fiercely, and God answered.

Fasting is a way to humble yourself before the Lord as you seek Him in prayer for protection.

C.Fasting for Freedom

The purpose of fasting is so much deeper than simply giving up food for a while.

It’s not just an outward practice, but an inner transformation.

It’s about addressing the deep sins of your life, untying the cords of that yoke and breaking free.

D.Return To God With Repentance

"Return to me"- What a powerful phrase coming from our Almighty God.

This was a call to repentance, for the people to return to God’s mercy and steadfast love.

And one of the ways to show their truly repentant heart was through fasting.

Even here in the Old Testament, God was not asking for the act of fasting alone.

Fasting is a way to return to God with all of your heart.

E.Grow in Spiritual Strength

Jesus fasted for forty days. Forty days!

It’s hard to imagine what His body would have felt like during that time. His human form felt quite weak. Yet, He stood strong against the relentless temptation of Satan. He wasn’t relying on a protein-filled breakfast or a good night of sleep for His mental sharpness to stand up to the devil. Instead, He relied completely on God’s strength (and God’s Word) during His fast.

Fasting can strengthen us spiritually when we choose to stand on God’s Word in our own human frailty.

SO What are the benefits of fasting?

~ Fasting helps us to hear and focus on God’s voice.

~ Spiritual fasting causes us to rely on God.

~ Fasting renews our appreciation for God and His blessings.

~ Fasting gives power to our prayer.

~ Fasting creates an environment for miracles to happen.

~ Fasting helps us to be filled with fruit of the Spirit.

Most importantly, enjoy God's presence. "Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere"- Psalm 84:10

Few tips to make fasting exciting

  • Identify The Purpose & Journal About Your Fast

  • Commit to a Time Period.

  • Eat Very Little Before Your Fast.

  • Drink Lots of Water When Fasting.

  • Pray During Your Fast.

  • Read & Learn the Bible

  • Rest during fast

  • Disconnect from worldly people

  • Attend Fasting Meetings

  • Avoid TV, PUBG & Other Such Distractions

  • Speak & Discuss about the Gospel


F - Faith. Faith in God make the impossible, possible. When we believe God’s word. He will do the process

A - Apology. Fasting time is the best time to ask for forgiveness from sins

S - Submission. When we fast, we have to submit ourselves to God and humble ourselves.

T – Tears. God will listen to us crying out for help and He will answer us.

If you feel you are may become unhealthy after the fast, you might wanna read the amazing Health Benefits of Fasting

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May God Bless you


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