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How We Do our Ministry.

Jesus As Our Model

Jesus is not just our Saviour and Lord, but also our Model for Christian life and Church. Jesus “emptied himself” of his power [Philippians 2:7], so throughout scripture we see Jesus modelling for us how to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to know the Father’s will by engaging with Spiritual Gifts, Disciplines, and Experiences.

We see evidence of Jesus possessing and using Spiritual Gifts. As Christians, we do not possess all spiritual gifts but do possess at least one. Our gifts should be affirmed by our church community; we should seek to use our gifts for the common good and in The Church.
On many occasions, Jesus retreats to pray and spend time with The Father. If Jesus needed to participate in the Spiritual Disciplines, how much more as Christians should we do this? They are simplicity, confession, worship, prayer, intercession, fasting, chastity, service, solitude and silence, celebration and fellowship, and study.
Throughout Jesus’ ministry, there were many experiences that are difficult to understand. As a result, as Christians, we can expect that we may also encounter similar experiences. It is prudent for us as The Church to not automatically dismiss spiritual experiences, but instead evaluate them for their biblical and contextual merit, identifying sources – holy, evil, or natural.
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