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understanding GOD

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1. The Beginning


  • God the almighty is the creator of the Universe. In the beginning God created earth from nothingness. He created the entire earth in 6 days by just words. He then created a human being in HIS likeness and named him Adam. Since Adam was lonely he created a woman named Eve from a rib of Adam as a life companion for him. This is why a man is to marry a woman as life partner.

  • God rested on the 7th day from all his work and therefore He blessed the 7th day & made it Holy. This is why we worship God on Sundays.

  • God put Adam & Eve in a beautiful Garden called EDEN and gave them everything on it for free with just one rule: Do not eat from the tree of knowledge of good & evil.

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2. The Sin


  • But Satan came in the body of snake and made Eve and Adam to do it. This disobedience is called SIN. This is why we should obey God’s rules.

  • God threw them out of the garden and cursed all three of them

    • EVE: with painful pregnancy

    • Adam with hard work to earn a living

    • Serpent was cut of its 4 legs and made to crawl on the ground on its belly

  • Now that man has the ability to differentiate the good from the bad, he can choose to live in the right way or the bad way. God has given us the freedom to choose.

  • But if he chooses to live in the bad way he will perish eternally. This is why we have to struggle so hard to do the right thing. But God was kind to give them dress made of fig leaves.

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3. The History


  • After that generations came by and then the earth flourished with human beings. The entire human race started to sin so badly that God was so upset and decided to destroy them all with the flood all except Noah and his family who was the only people living rightly. He also preserved a pair of each animal.

  • After the flood God renewed the earth, the humans and animals flourished the earth once again. God promised to not to destroy the earth with water ever again and gave the sign of RAINBOW as a remembrance of his promise. This is why we see the rainbow after a rain.

  • As decades went by man continued to fall in sinful ways. The consequence of sin is death but God kept reminding them and giving them clues and new methods to repent for their sins to be forgiven again and be saved from eternal death.

  • One of those methods was to kill an animal and offer to God as a way of sacrifice and repentance for their sins.


4. The Sacrifice


  • But as time passed by the weight of the sins of the entire human race was so big that no sacrifice was equal to tally their sins.

  • And that is when God decided to send His only Son to earth in the human form as JESUS CHRIST, to be the sacrifice which would beyond sufficient for the sins of the entire human race that lived and died until then and for the humans that was yet to come in the future. This is why the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross saves us all from the eternal suffering.


5. Jesus Christ


  • Jesus in human form, lived for 30 years unknown and then for three years worked for the kingdom of God, preaching the message of salvation and conducting miracles and revealing that He is son of God.

  • Jesus during his days on earth give many teachings as to what and how the almighty God wants us to live in the right way. He not only preached but also showed us how to live by living in the teachings by himself, by showing us how to live according to what he taught.

  • By age 33, God allowed Jesus to be crucified on the cross to pay for the sins of the entire human race.  So Jesus’s sacrifice saved us all from death which is why Jesus is called THE SAVIOR.

  • Jesus however being God himself rose on the third day and went back to heaven. Jesus knowing that it is hard to choose good from bad left us Holy Spirit the helper who help us and guide us to live in the right way. This is why we need to have Holy Spirit.

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6. The Good News


  • So whoever does these will be saved and have an entry pass to eternal life:

    1. Believes that Jesus died for them

    2. Be baptised in water to symbolize that they have left their sinful life to lead the right ways as Jesus has taught us

    3. Receives the Holy Spirit for guidance and

    4. Lives a righteous life


7. Who is God


  • So God is One revealed in three persons known as the Trinity:

    • Father who is in Heaven,

    • Son Jesus Christ who came to us, and

    • The Holy Spirit who was given to us to help live rightly.

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8. Heaven & Hell


  • God is in heaven above us with angels surrounding Him. There is peace and this is where His righteous people will be taken before destroying the earth with fire.

  • Whereas Satan is from the Hell which of fire and agony. This is where all the people who sin will be pushed into for eternal suffering. This is from what we need salvation.

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9. The Future


  • Jesus also said that he would be returning to gather his people-(the ones who have believed in HIM and been faithful to God) and the rest will pay for their sins by eternal death as God will wipe out this earth with fire.

  • As for the ones who are saved, God will live with them forever on this same earth that will be once again be renewed. And we will live happily ever after with God. This is the life we are craving for. This is why we need to live rightly.

  • This is the entire timeline from the beginning to the end that is yet to come and includes this present day in between.


10.The Christian Life


  • All of this is written in the Bible. Bible is divided in two parts:  before Jesus known as the Old Testament and after Jesus known as the New Testament.

  • Now to know how to live the right way, we must read the teachings of Jesus Christ and his apostles so that we know how God wants us to live. This is why we need to read the Bible.

  • Now we humans have the habit of losing interest on focus in life every now and then. Joining a group of same mind people will help us to renew our minds and remind us to correct our ways to find favour in God’s eyes. This is why we need to attend church.

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